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Lawn & garden batteries

Keep your riding mower in motion with the right battery. Most riding mower batteries are sized as Group U1 batteries, but check the dimensions of your particular lawn equipment batteries before ordering.

Types of lawn & garden batteries: Most batteries for riding lawn mowers, tractors, and ATVs are 12-volt batteries. New absorbed glass mat or AGM batteries and gel batteries are maintenance free, while standard lead-acid 12-volt batteries often corrode and need fluid replacement from time to time. AGM and gel batteries are more pricey than lead-acid batteries, but some people find the lack of required maintenance and corrosion to be worth the cost.

Ratings for lawn & garden batteries: Mower and other lawn equipment batteries are rated on the cold cranking amps or CCA ratings. CCA ratings are measurements that tell you how much electrical current the battery can produce at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds. Batteries for 12-horsepower and lower horsepower engines require CCA ratings of 145, while higher horsepower motors should be outfitted with 300-CCA-rated batteries.

Always read the owner's manuals for all of your lawn and garden equipment. Be sure to learn the correct ratings and sizes of batteries you need.