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Science and education learning toys and activities

Inspire your child to learn more about the world with science and education toys that let kids create and explore. With our wide selection of toys available at Every Day Low Prices, it's easy to get your little mad scientist or geologist everything needed to keep on learning. Learn more about your options and how to select them as you start shopping.

Chemistry activities: With its many color changes, bubbling reactions and gooey creations, chemistry can be one of the most kid-friendly sciences. Our collection includes a large variety of easy activities, from glow-in-the-dark slime to DIY snow-making kits. Perfect for use at home or in the classroom, some of the most exciting chemistry activities include:

  • Make your own slime kits: These easy to assemble kits contain all the necessary ingredients to create a batch of colorful slime. With variations like glow-in-the-dark slime, glitter slime and scented slime, kids of all ages can follow the included instructions to customize their own creations.
  • Kid-friendly lab sets: Preschoolers and younger school-age children can mix colored water and create other simple chemical reactions with a set of rugged plastic beakers and test tubes. For older children, chemistry sets often include laboratory glassware and more complex experiments that explore basic chemical principles.

Early development toys:Learning toys in early childhood development often focus on pretend play activities and manipulatable objects that represent numbers and letters. While babies and toddlers are interacting with their caregivers, these toys can aid in their exploration of the world around them and their development of important motor skills. Many early development toys are designed for children aged from birth to preschool, and they represent some popular categories, including:

  • Gears and manipulatives: Chunky gear sets teach preschoolers the basics of physics, while manipulatable objects, like small figures and three-dimensional letters, help to reinforce early math and language skills.
  • Pretend play toys: Pretend play toys include play food sets, fake dollar bills and coins, costumes and a large variety of other toys that help small children imagine themselves in different roles. Look for kits that reflect budding interests in your child, like cooking, shopping, caring for animals or being a scientist.

Geology and earth science activities: Budding rock hounds can brush up on their geology and earth science skills with one of these exciting products.

  • Crystal-growing kits: These small boxed kits of crystal-growing materials include everything your children need to create colorful crystals of their own. By mixing just a few chemicals and properly placing them on the growing material, anyone can grow a beautiful crystal for display or future study.
  • Digging and excavation kits: Cleverly built to encase a small toy in clay, digging and excavation kits are a fun way to practice fine motor skills while learning about archaeology. While some excavation kits hide one or more surprise toys inside the rock, others list their contents in the item's product description. Using a small pick or shovel that's typically included with the rock, children can slowly chip away at the stone to reveal each hidden prize.

Math and counting toys:Our math and counting toys selection includes a variety of products that both teach and entertain. Look for play money and cash registers for younger children, and board and video games for older kids.

  • Play cash registers and money: A perennial pretending favorite, play money dollars and coins are useful for both teaching and play activities. While younger children study the shapes and values of coins, older kids can practice adding and subtracting while running the cash register.
  • Counting board games: This large genre of board games includes those that are specially designed to teach younger kids addition and subtraction skills while encouraging them to work as a group to play math games together.

Solar system and astronomy activities:Children with an interest in space, rockets, planets and geography will be enchanted by the selection of solar system and astronomy activities. Choices in this category include:

  • Solar system kits: From fully three-dimensional representations of the universe to simpler 2D drawing kits, our solar system kit selection includes products for every age and interest level. Look for hanging mobiles for permanent displays or glow in the dark stickers for everyday use.
  • Telescopes: While purchasing a telescope can be a major decision, kid-friendly choices make easy work of viewing the stars. Browse for features like an adjustable height for growing children, rugged plastic knobs and controls for young children, or handheld models that kids can easily carry on the go.