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EverStart batteries

EverStart batteries are excellent and affordable batteries for a variety of automotive, marine, and off-road applications. Order batteries with the same voltage as the battery you're replacing.

Types of batteries: Vehicle and marine batteries are typically lead-acid types. Some styles of lead-acid batteries require maintenance, while new sealed lead-acid batteries are maintenance-free. AGM, or absorbent glass mat, batteries are maintenance-free and handle deep charging and discharging well.

Battery group types: The group designation of a battery lets you know its size, but does not indicate battery capacity. For example, a Group 31 battery is a 12-volt battery that measures 13 inches in length, 6.72 inches in width, and 9.44 inches in height.

Always check your old battery's group number before replacement. When you order a battery with the same group number, you can be sure the new battery fits in the old battery space.